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& This is a FRIENDS/MEMBERS ONLY LJ Music Rotation journal run by several former members of the AnimeLyrics.tv forums. We update with J-Music mp3s whenever we so choose, and occasionally a PV or a non-Japanese piece of music will slip in. For an idea of what we generally listen to, feel free to check our Last.fm Group.

& All downloads are friends/members only. Why are we friends/members only? Because we don't want to kill the servers we use any more than we already have. Because we want to stop hotlinkers. Because we want to stay within the bandwidth limit. Because we want to know who's downloading stuff. Because we're ALForumers like that.

& At the end of a rotation, those songs will be taken down. And will not be put back up unless we want to. If you want the song, then you can request it (see below).

& Only certain people will take requests. You'll have to contact the person who has the song you want individually. Make sure we have the song before you request it - we don't really have the time to look for the song for you.

& If you download a song, PLEASE comment and let us know what you've downloaded. That way, even if we don't take requests, we're likely to upload another song you'd like next rotation.

& At the very least, let us know that you've downloaded something, even if you don't say what. It's common courtesy. It lets us know that our music isn't being uploaded for nothing. It encourages us to upload more. Seriously. We're uploading this music for people, but if we don't know that it's being downloaded, why should we upload more?

& Download one song at a time. It may not always be our own personal servers we're using (and normally it's not), but it's still courtesy to the people who own the server to refrain from crashing it by downloading too much at once.

& No hotlinking. We don't care what you're trying to do, hotlinking is strictly forbidden. It's bad manners, and if you want to share music, you can do like us and take the time to upload it yourself.

& Unrelated profanity and insults will not be tolerated within this community. It's fine if you disagree with something we think, say so in a calm manner. There is no need to insult someone just because s/he does not think Hamasaki Ayumi or Gackt is the greatest artist ever.

& If you retain these MP3s beyond 48 hours without owning the CD it came from, responsibility for them is yours. I know it's pointless to ask you to delete them within 48 hours, especially if you love the song. However, we are not responsible for whatever misfortune happens to you if you still have the MP3 after that 48-hour time limit.

& Please support the artists by purchasing their CDs:

& We reserve the right to remove you if you don't follow the rules. This is a music-sharing community that has grown to become what it is because it is organized. As the founders/owners/posters, we'd like to keep it that way. Thank you.

ketsune/Kimitsu <- Please direct all and any problems here.
-E-mail: icyemblem@yahoo.com

silverchaos/arcanine [Playlist temporarily down]
-AIM: PlayingMyRole

-AIM: djwilsey

-AIM: mizuiroi hikari
-E-mail: azuchan28@gmail.com

-AIM: ostamago
-E-mail/MSN: gaian_s_clubbie@hotmail.com
I have no active playlist because it's such a bother to update. If you want something, IM me to see if I have it.

-E-mail: ichigo_934@yahoo.co.jp

sonata_blue/Petit-ko [Playlist]

Music Posters:




dr_ishmael/dr_ishmael [Playlist pending]

faust85/faustnomad [Playlist]


-AIM: Kittienvy
-E-mail: foxypants@gmail.com

Do not ask to become one of the music posters unless at least two of the maintainers know you. We're not open for new membership unless we know you and love you, or deliberately post as such in the community. And even if you get the approval of two of the maintainers (please note - maintainers, just knowing music posters won't cut it), you'd have to get through a pretty ornery Kimi-gunsou, who gets the final say on that topic.

If you are affiliated with any government, police, ANTI-Piracy Group, RIAA, MPAA, a movie production company distribution company or group, or any other related group, by proceeding, you are violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995 and that means that you *CANNOT* threaten our ISPs or any person or company storing these files, and cannot prosecute any person.